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"Just received three English horn reeds. I’m very pleased with pitch and sound. Will be ordering more. Great job!"

"I ordered a student-level [oboe] reed for one of my students who had an audition coming up, and they loved it! Playable and comfortable out of the box, fantastic job!"

"Ordered 3 oboe reeds and was very pleased that all three were usable right out of the box.  Nice dark, well centered sound, on pitch!!!!! I have never had this happen with any other reeds I have purchased.  Will be ordering more!"

"I absolutely love their [bassoon] reeds! I travel a lot and perform in 20+ cities a year. The depth, consistency, and balance is wonderful! From Chicago to Key West to Mexico City to Tokyo to NYC to Telluride, they have given me LIFE! Great work!"

I recently bought a new contra and have been struggling to figure out how to make reeds for it. I decided to try some of these and loved them right away, they improved my response and intonation so much and have a beautiful tone as well!

We have bought bassoon reeds from multiple vendors, and my son said the NC Double Reed reeds are his favorite. I love how fast they ship, and the quality has been consistently good. We will continue to purchase in the future.

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