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This thoughtfully-designed little case holds 5 oboe reeds and is available in a rainbow of colors! After months of development and testing, we've managed to pack a ton of features into this case's conveniently pocket-sized profile, including sturdy metal construction with a snap shut closure, ventilation for proper airflow, and - best of all - a wallet-friendly price point. Stock up on a couple in your favorite colors and never run out of space for all your awesome reeds! 


Please note, we offer two styles of this reed case: Full Color and One-Size. 


The One-Size model offers a colorful 3D printed interior fitted with a foam reed holder, flexible enough to securely fit oboe reeds of any make or model. This is a perfect option if you store a variety of reed brands in your case. All your reeds will feel so cozy! 


(If you are a fan of NCDRC reeds and tend to stock mostly those or other reeds constructed using a Stevens #2 staple and FF gauge thread in your case, definitely consider our Full Color model, which is custom fit for our reed dimensions!)


Oboe Reed Case (small, one-size)

  • Measurements: 3 3/4" x 2 1/3" x 7/8" 

    Materials: Metal, foam, PLA (plant based bioplastic) 

    Care tips: Don't place your reeds in here soaking wet; instead allow them to dry for at least a minute or two before storing to help avoid excess humidity inside the case and reduce any potential for rusting. 

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