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This thoughtfully-designed little case holds 5 oboe reeds and is available in a rainbow of colors! After months of development and testing, we've managed to pack a ton of features into this case's conveniently pocket-sized profile, including sturdy metal construction with a snap shut closure, ventilation for proper airflow, and - best of all - a budget-friendly price point. Stock up on a couple in your favorite colors and never run out of space for all your awesome reeds! 


Please note, we offer two styles of this reed case: Full Color and One-Size. 


The Full Color model is fully 3D printed and is precision measured to hold NCDRC pro and student reeds snugly and securely, allowing them to pop out with a gentle press at the base of the staple. (Because reed brands, staples, and thread can all cause significant variations in size, the case may or may not fit other brands of reeds. If you have a variety of reeds from different sources and might be concerned about them fitting, definitely consider our One-Size reed case!) One great thing we've noticed about these holders is that they won't loosen up and relax their grip over time. 



Oboe Reed Case (small, full color)

  • Measurements: 3 3/4" x 2 1/3" x 7/8" 

    Materials: Metal, foam, PLA (plant based bioplastic) 

    Care tips: Don't place your reeds in here soaking wet; instead allow them to dry for at least a minute or two before storing to help avoid excess humidity inside the case and reduce any potential for rusting. 

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