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Caring for Your New Reeds

Soak your new reeds in warm water. 

Before you get to playing, soak your new reeds for 1-2 minutes in warm water. This will help acclimate your reed to the new environment it just arrived in. After the initial soak, you'll only need to soak them a couple seconds in warm water for them to come to life.

Always dry your reeds before storing them.

If possible, purchase a reed case with adequate ventilation to store your reeds. If that is not possible, let your reeds dry completely before returning them to the plastic shipping containers. If they are developing dark spots or fuzz on them, it is an indicator you are not drying your reeds properly before storage. If this occurs, stop playing them immediately and replace them.

Good reeds do not last as long as you think they will.

A good bassoon reed with proper care should last around 4-6 weeks of use. A good oboe reed should last 2-4 weeks of use. When the reed starts to feel not so fresh, it is time to replace them to make sure you are achieving the maximum value.

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